Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 4079—4095

Microglia exosomal miRNA-137 attenuates ischemic brain injury through targeting Notch1


Figure 6. MiRNA-137 directly targeted Notch1. (A) Putative binding site in 3’UTR of Notch1, as predicted by bioinformatics software. (B) Luciferase reporter assay of miRNA-137 targeting on 3’UTR of Notch1. (C) mRNA expression of Notch1 in neurons treated with 1) control, 2) OGD, 3) OGD plus BV2-Exo, 4) OGD plus BV2-Exo+miRNA-137-IN, and 5) OGD plus BV2-Exo+miRNA-137-NC, as detected by RT-PCR. Data are presented as mean±SD. *, p<0.05. At least three replicates were available for statistical analysis in each treatment.