Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 4157—4181

CCDC167 as a potential therapeutic target and regulator of cell cycle-related networks in breast cancer


Figure 1. Gene expression profiles of coiled-coil domain-containing protein 167 (CCDC167) in normal breast tissues and breast cancer. (A) Expression levels of CCDC167 in different types of cancers compared to normal tissues. The CCDC167 gene was found to have upregulated expression in various tissue types, and the color gradient represents a lower gene rank percentile. (B) CCDC167 expression level from 33 cancer datasets with transcripts per million (TPM) levels using the GEPIA database. Significant CCDC167 overexpression in cancers is highlighted in red, including the BRCA dataset, whereas downregulation is labeled in green. (C) Co-expression patterns of CCDC167 in the Oncomine database. CCDC167 is also called C6orf129. (D) CCDC167 expression was higher relative to normal breast tissues in the METABRIC database. (E) Correlations between CCDC167 and histological differentiation of breast cancer, with increasing expression levels of CCDC167 as tumors progressed from low to high grade.