Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 4617—4633

LNK promotes granulosa cell apoptosis in PCOS via negatively regulating insulin-stimulated AKT-FOXO3 pathway


Figure 5. LNK knockout partially restored estrous cycle and improved glucose metabolism in PCOS mice model. (A1, A2) Control WT and KO mice had normal and regular estrous cycles. (A3) Irregular estrous cycle was found in WT mice treated with high fat diet + DHEA. (A4). Estrous cycle was partly restored in LNK KO mice treated with high fat diet + DHEA. (B1B4) Different stages of mouse estrous cycle: pre-estrous (P), estrous (E), metestrus (M), and diestrus stage (D). (CE) For each group (n=6), body weights (C) were measured in 0 to 8-week-old mice.*p< 0.05 PCOS vs control mice. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) analyses were shown to compare fat rate(%). GTT (D) and ITT (E) results. Data were analyzed with ANOVA followed by the Bonferroni multiple comparison post hoc test. *Statistical significance for WT/PCOS vs KO/PCOS. Area under curve was calculated for each group for GTT and ITT. Data were shown as means ± S.D. (F) The mRNA levels of GLUT4 and FSHR were detected in ovarian tissues of WT/PCOS and KO/PCOS. *p< 0.05.