Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 5185—5196

A short deletion in the DNA-binding domain of STAT3 suppresses growth and progression of colon cancer cells


Figure 1. The relationship between mutations in different domains of STAT3 and tumor stages, STAT3 mRNA levels and overall survival times of cancer patients belonging to 32 different human cancers in the TCGA database. (A) The ratio of human cancer patients with early (stages I-II; blue) and advanced (stages III-IV; orange) stage cancers in the TCGA database grouped according to the mutations in the DNA-binding domain, SH2 domain and N- or C-terminal regions of the STAT3 gene. χ2 analysis was used to evaluate differences between the groups. (B) The levels of STAT3 transcripts in human cancers with mutations in different regions of STAT3. (C) Kaplan-Meier survival curve analysis shows overall survival of cancer patients from the TCGA database with mutations in the DNA-binding domain (red), SH2 domain (yellow), and N- or C-terminals (blue) of STAT3. (D) The overview of the mutational landscape in the DNA-binding domain of the STAT3 gene.