Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 5383—5402

CircMRE11A_013 binds to UBXN1 and integrates ATM activation enhancing lens epithelial cells senescence in age-related cataract


Figure 7. ATM or ATM-S1981p was co-localized with UBXN1 in the cytoplasm of SRA01/04 cell lines. (A). The cytoplasm and nuclei separation of proteins showed ATM, ATM-S1981p and UBXN1 were detected in cytoplasm from the over-circMRE11A group and the negative control (NC) group. We confirmed that increasing cytosolic fraction levels of ATM-S1981p but lower level of UBXN1 were detected in the over-circMRE11A group compared with the NC group. β-Tubulin as cytoplasm control, Lamin A as nuclear control, and total proteins as an internal control. (B). IP showed that UBXN1 could be precipitated by ATM in the cell lines. Input was 1/10 of total proteins as internal control.