Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 5892—5905

Circ_ 0115744 acts as miR-144 sponge to promote and predict the metastasis of colorectal cancer

The circ

Figure 4. The circ_0115744 could be bound by miR-144. (A) The PCR analysis confirmed that circ_0115744 resisted to RNase R digestion. (B) Potential miRNA prediction. (C) Relative expression of miRNA in cells treated with circ_0115744 overexpression lentivirus. (D) Dual-luciferase reporter assay in cells treated with circ_0115744 and candidate miRNA mimics. (E) RIP analysis showed that circ_0115744 was abundantly pulled down by anti-Ago2 antibodies when transfected with miR-144 mimics, compared to the NC or IgG group. (F, G) Biotin-coupled probe pull down assay confirmed that miR-144 was effectively enriched by circ_0115744. Data were presented as plot of the mean with SEM. *Indicated P < 0.05, ** indicated P < 0.01, n.s. indicated no significant.