Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3239—3253

Uncovering molecular mechanisms of regulated cell death in the naked mole rat


Figure 3. Flow cytometry analysis of MMU and NMR cells upon treatment with DNA damaging agents. (A). NMR and mouse cells were stained with FITC-Annexin V (AnnV) and Propidium Iodide (PI). The gating strategy for double negative AnnexinV-/PI-(Q3), single positive, early apoptotic cells (AnnexinV+/PI-) (Q4), single positive (AnnexinV-/PI+) (Q1) and double positive AnnexinV+/PI+ (Q2) is shown. (BG). Cell death of MMU (BD) and NMR (EG) cells under the wide spectrum of cytotoxic conditions was evaluated by FACS analysis. The total number of cells was taken as 100%; blue color indicates the population of viable cells, double negative AnnexinV-/PI-(Q3); yellow color is used for single positive, early apoptotic cells (AnnexinV+/PI-) cells (Q4); red color is implemented for double positive AnnexinV+/PI+ cells (Q2); purple color for single positive (AnnexinV-/PI+) cells (Q1). The representative experiment out of three independent ones is shown.