Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 6091—6102

Circ_0000527 promotes osteosarcoma cell progression through modulating miR-646/ARL2 axis


Figure 6. ARL2 was a target gene of miR-646. (A) As predicted by Targetscan, ARL2 might be regulated by miR-646. (B) The overexpression of miR-646 significantly decreased luciferase value of WT ARL2 but did not have an effect on mut ARL2. (C) The elevated expression of miR-646 suppressed ARL2 expression in MG-63 cells. (D) The expression of ARL2 was measured using a qRT-PCR assay. (E) The expression of ARL2 was assessed by qRT-PCR analysis. ** p<0.01.