Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 7481—7498

Identification and validation of a glycolysis-associated multiomics prognostic model for hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 2. Different glycolysis-associated HCC subtypes varied in cancer stemness and immune infiltration. (A) Stemness indices of TCGA cohort. The Glycolysis-H+M subtype had a higher expression level of mRNAsi (p< 0.01), while the Glycolysis-L subtype had a higher expression level of mDNAsi (p< 0.05). (B) Immune cells with a significantly different proportion between Glycolysis-H+M and Glycolysis-L subgroups in the TCGA. *p< 0.05, **p< 0.01, ***p < 0.001.