Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 4831—4849

An aging and p53 related marker: HOXA5 promoter methylation negatively correlates with mRNA and protein expression in old age


Figure 7. Age- dependent correlation of HOXA5 and PTEN protein expression. (A) HOXA5 and PTEN protein quantities are significantly down-regulated in the old cohort as determined by ELISA in total cell lysates of monocytes isolated from young and old blood donors expressed as ng per mg total protein. Error bars denote SEM (n = 30, average age: 23.0 yrs and 81.1 yrs, respectively). (B) Fifteen micrograms of total cell lysates from monocytes isolated from young and old blood donors were subjected to immuno-protein gel blotting with primary rabbit monoclonal anti-human PTEN antibody (1:10000), recognizing the 47 kDA PTEN protein. ß-actin served as loading control. (C) Delineates a moderate linear correlation between HOXA5 and PTEN protein expression as reflected in the respective correlation coefficient (r = 0.5887).