Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8177—8203

Genetic predisposition and bioinformatics analysis of ATP-sensitive potassium channels polymorphisms with the risks of elevated apolipoprotein B serum levels and its related arteriosclerosis cardiovascular disease


Figure 1. Association of KATP rs11046182 with new-onset IS in study subjects*. *Model 4: After adjustment for gender, age, smoking, drinking, WBC, BMI, liver function (ALT, AST and Alb), renal function (Scr, BUN and UA), HsCRP, HbA1C, HCY, and RAAS activity (ACE, renin, Ang I, Ang II and ALD), dyslipidemia (TRIG, TC, LDL-C, Apo B, HDL-C and Apo AI), medical condition (EH, CAD, T2D and AF), NYHA functional classification, combined medication (antiplatelet drugs, warfarin, statins, RSIs, BBs, MRAs, CCBs, diuretics, digoxin, nitrates, and hypoglycemic agents) and echocardiography index (RVD, RAD, LVD, LAD, and LVEF).