Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8320—8334

Celecoxib alleviates zinc deficiency-promoted colon tumorigenesis through suppressing inflammation


Figure 1. Effects of zinc deficiency on the lifespan, body weight and spleen index of Apcmin/+. (A) Four weeks old mice were fed with ZD and ZS diets for the long term. Plot evaluated by long-rank test, depicting the percentage survival of mice with ZD (n=20) versus mice with ZS (n=20) surviving longer than the endpoint. (B) ZD decreased body weight at the endpoint of ZD or ZS diet fed for the short term. The bodyweight of mice was recorded every 15 days. ZD significantly decreased body weight at diet fed for 45 and 60 days (n=15). (C) Representative image of larger spleen ZD group compared with ZS group. (D) ZD significantly increased the spleen index. Spleen index (mg/g) was calculated by normalizing spleen weight to body weight at endpoint (n=15). Data were represented as mean ± S.D. *P < 0.05, and **P < 0.01) vs ZS group.