Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8335—8354

HSCs transdifferentiate primarily to pneumonocytes in radiation-induced lung damage repair


Figure 4. HSC transplantation replenished radiation-induced lung HSC depletion and the repaired epithelial cells were of donor origin. (A) Flow cytometry chart of HSPC residency in the lung cells of each group, including Ctrl, IR, A7-VAV-T, HSCT. (B) HSPC and HSC cell number in the lung in each group, HSCT restored the HSPC and HSC (LT-HSC and ST-HSC), but A7-VAV-T can’t restore the injured HSCs in irradiated lung. (C) PE red fluorescence of the HSPCs and HSCs in the lung of Ctrl, MTG-T and MTG group. (D) To investigate the function or gene expression in the donor-derived lung cells, the Epi+PE+, Epi+PE- cells in the MTG-T lung were sorted after exclusion of blood Mix cells, Epi markers include E-Cadherin, SP-C and T1-α, and HSPCs from donors were used as control for the experiment. (E) Different gene expression including SP-C (alveolar type II epithelial cell marker) and AQP-5 (alveolar type I epithelial cell marker), Fgf3 and FLT3 (hematopoietic stem cell specific genes), Fgf10 and SOX6 (repair genes related) in Epi+PE+, Epi+PE- cells from recipients and HSPC cells from the donors. N≥4. *: p<0.05; **:p<0.01; ***: p<0.001; ****: p<0.0001.