Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8355—8368

90K predicts the prognosis of glioma patients and enhances tumor lysate-pulsed DC vaccine for immunotherapy of GBM in vitro


Figure 1. Relationship between 90K expression and the clinical features of glioma. The mRNA expression of 90K in glioma with different WHO grade and IDH status in the TCGA dataset (A) and CGGA dataset (B). Both datasets revealed 90K expression was higher in high grade glioma vs low grade; higher in IDH wildtype vs mutant (A, B). Protein expression pattern of 90K in glioma tissues, which showed 90K protein level was significantly increased in high grade glioma (C, D). Protein expression of 90K was stable in GBM cell line U251 by serial passaging. (E). Histological investigation via IHC staining also showed that 90K expression level significantly associated with pathological diagnosis and progression (F, G). * indicates p value < 0.05; ** indicates p value < 0.01; *** indicates p value < 0.001.