Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8628—8642

Activation of ATF4 triggers trabecular meshwork cell dysfunction and apoptosis in POAG


Figure 6. Activation of ATF4 mediates inflammatory cytokines expression in mice TM. (A) mRNA expression of inflammatory cytokines, IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-6 and ELAM-1 in the iridocorneal angle tissues of Ad-ATF4, Ad-GFP and no-injection group (No inj) was determined by real-time RT-PCR 3 days after injection (mean ± SEM, n = 4). ** P<0.01 vs. Ad-GFP, * P<0.05 vs. Ad-GFP. (B) Increased expression of ELAM-1 (red) was detected in the TM of the Ad-ATF4 group 7 days after anterior chamber injection (n = 3). Arrows mark the TM. Blue, nuclear staining with DAPI. BF, bright field. Scale bar, 50 μm.