Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8706—8719

Predicting lung adenocarcinoma prognosis with a novel risk scoring based on platelet-related gene expression


Figure 5. Genome-wide analysis of PRS risk score. (including mutation, copy number change and microRNA change, etc.). (A) GSEA was performed in TCGA high-risk populations. (B) Mutation of 8 Factors Constructed into Risk Score in CBioportal. (C) Differential copy number in PRS high and low group. (D) Distribution of the First 30 Mutant Genes in High and Low-Risk Groups. (E) Overlapping of Up-regulated and Down-regulated Genes for Copy Number Change Genes and Differences between High and Low-Risk Groups (F) Downregulated MicRNA target control gene and overlapping gene of up-regulated and down-regulated genes with a high and low-risk difference.