Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8797—8816

Functional predication of differentially expressed circRNAs/lncRNAs in the prefrontal cortex of Nrf2-knockout mice


Figure 3. DEcircRNA/DElncRNA-miRNA-DEmRNA crosstalk network. Through linear regression model analysis and seed sequence matching method based on gene expression, five DEcircRNAs and seven DElncRNAs were established as a regulatory network of miRNA sponge adsorbents. (AE) The network of five verified circRNAs (mmu_circ_0000233 (A), mmu_circ_0015035 (B), mmu_circ_0012936 (C), mmu_circ_0008393 (D) and cicRNA.20127 (E)). (FL) The network of seven verified lncRNAs (NONMMUT132168 (F), NONMMUT127961 (G), NONMMUT132160 (H), ENSMUST00000204847 (I), NONMMUT024778 (J), NONMMUT109267 (K) and ENSMUST00000194077 (L)). Red rhombi: up-regulated DEcircRNAs. Green rhombi: down-regulated DEcircRNAs. Red squares: up-regulated DElncRNAs. Green squares: down-regulated DElncRNAs. Gray V: miRNAs. Red circles: up-regulated DEmRNAs. Green circles: down-regulated DEmRNAs.