Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8797—8816

Functional predication of differentially expressed circRNAs/lncRNAs in the prefrontal cortex of Nrf2-knockout mice


Figure 4. Predicted functions of the DEcircRNAs/DElncRNAs involved in the DEcircRNA/DElncRNA-miRNA-DEmRNA network. (A, B) The top 30 most significantly enriched GO (A) and KEGG (B) pathways of the DEmRNAs that were targets of the five DEcircRNAs (mmu_circ_0000233, mmu_circ_0015035, mmu_circ_0012936, mmu_circ_0008393 and cicRNA.20127) and seven DElncRNAs (NONMMUT132168, NONMMUT127961, NONMMUT132160, ENSMUST00000204847, NONMMUT024778, NONMMUT109267 and ENSMUST00000194077). The X-axis displays the enrich factor in the GO and KEGG pathways and the Y-axis displays the GO and KEGG pathways. The color scale depicts the p-values. The sizes of the nodes represent the counts of genes enriched in the GO and KEGG pathways. (C, D) Diagram of the various functions of the DEcircRNAs/DElncRNAs.