Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9838—9858

lncRNA SNHG4 modulates colorectal cancer cell cycle and cell proliferation through regulating miR-590-3p/CDK1 axis


Figure 8. In vivo effects of the SNHG4/miR-590-3p axis on subcutaneously transplanted tumor growth. A subcutaneous transplantation tumor model was established in nude mice, and the mice were divided into four groups: si-NC + anti-NC group, si-SNHG4 + anti-NC group, si-NC + anti-miR-590-3p group, and si-SNHG4 + anti-miR-590-3p group. The mice received subcutaneous injections according to their group. (A–C) At day 35 of injection, the tumor size (A) was measured, the tumor volume (B) was calculated, and the tumor weight (C) was measured. (D) The protein levels of CDK1, cyclinB1, and cyclinA2 in the tumor samples were determined by immunoblotting. (E) The expression level of miR-590-3p was determined by PCR assay. (F) The expression level of SNHG4 was detected by PCR assay. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, compared to the si-NC + anti-NC group; ##P < 0.01, compared to si-NC + anti-miR-590-3p group.