Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9859—9873

Hydrogen sulfide treatment at the late growth stage of Saccharomyces cerevisiae extends chronological lifespan


Figure 6. The late NaHS treatment regulates the cell wall integrity for the extension of CLS. (A) Gene ontology analysis of genes expressed oppositely in response to the early and late NaHS treatments. (B) The qPCR analysis of YPK2, an AGC-type protein kinase regulating cell wall integrity. (C) CLS of the late NaHS treated RCD490, a ypk2 mutant in BY4742 background. (D) CLS of the late NaHS treated BY4741. (E) CLS of the late NaHS treated YMR104C, a ypk2 mutant in BY4741 background. Triplicate cultures were used to achieve mean ± SD of viabilities. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, ns nonsignificant.