Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 13515—13534

Suppressing the KIF20A/NUAK1/Nrf2/GPX4 signaling pathway induces ferroptosis and enhances the sensitivity of colorectal cancer to oxaliplatin


Figure 5. NUAK1 promotes nuclear translocation of NRF2 in colorectal cancer cell by antagonizing GSK3a. (A, B) Immunoblots of NUAK1-depleted or control colorectal cancer cell ((HCT116-Or (A) and H716 (B)) cytosolic fractions after treatment with oxaliplatin. (C, D) Pretreatment of NUAK1-depleted colorectal cancer cells ((HCT116-Or (C) and H716 (D)) with GSK3β inhibitor BIO-acetoxime (1 μmol/L for 6 hours) restores oxaliplatin-induced NRF2 nuclear translocation.