Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 6442—6458

Male-specific age estimation based on Y-chromosomal DNA methylation


Figure 1. Examples of age-associated Y-CpG methylation in blood. (A) Histogram showing the age distribution in all samples colour-coded per training (n = 758), internal validation (n = 172) and external testing (n = 127) datasets, (B) DNA methylation levels of cg13308744 showing the strongest negative correlation with age (ρ = -0.3197, p-value = 1.545E-26), (C) DNA methylation levels of cg04691144 showing the strongest positive correlation with age (ρ = 0.3192, p- = 1.820E-26). ρ: Spearman correlation coefficient, Bonferroni threshold: α/n= 0.05/75 = 6.667E-4, Loess: locally estimating scatterplot smoothing curve.