Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 6485—6505

Clusterin overexpression in mice exacerbates diabetic phenotypes but suppresses tumor progression in a mouse melanoma model


Figure 5. Melanoma tumor cells growth is reduced in vivo at CLU Tg (ubiquitous OE) mice. (A) Average tumor volume development by day 20, in control (Con; littermate non-Tg animals), TgN102 and TgG106 (ubiquitous CLU OE) mice after syngeneic melanoma tumor cells (B16.F1) inoculation. (B) Representative photos of control animals and of TgN102, TgG106 mice at the day of sacrifice. (C) Relative (%) cathepsins B, L (C1) and proteasome (C2) enzymatic activities in excised tumors of control and CLU overexpressing mice. Error bars, ± SD (n=6 per mouse genotype); *P<0.05; * *P < 0.01. Shown differences in (A) are also significant at days 13, 15 and 18 (P<0.05).