Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 9085—9107

Nidogen-1 expression is associated with overall survival and temozolomide sensitivity in low-grade glioma patients


Figure 1. NID1 is overexpressed in several cancers including different types of glioma. (A) Summary of NID1 expression analyses in multiple cancer types and their corresponding normal tissues. (B) Summary of NID1 expression analyses in five studies related to brain and CNS cancers. Note: P< 0.001 indicates statistical significance. Red color indicates high NID1 expression in the corresponding cancer and blue color indicates low NID1 expression in the corresponding cancer. (CG) NID1 expression in (C) Murat brain (normal brain vs. glioblastoma), (D) French brain (normal brain vs. anaplastic oligodendroglioma), (E) Sun brain ((normal brain vs. glioblastoma), (F) Sun brain (normal brain vs. anaplastic astrocytoma), and (G) Sun brain (normal brain vs. oligodendroglioma) datasets are shown. Note: P<0.01 indicates statistical significance; NID1 was among the top 1% overexpressed genes in all five different grades of glioma.