Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 9085—9107

Nidogen-1 expression is associated with overall survival and temozolomide sensitivity in low-grade glioma patients


Figure 3. NID1 mRNA and protein expression in different grades of gliomas. (A) NID1 transcript expression levels in low-grade glioma (LGG; red; n=518), glioblastoma multiforme (GBM; red; n=163) and corresponding normal brain tissues (black; n=207) from the GEPIA datasets. (B) NID1 expression levels in different grades of glioma (WHO grades II, III, and IV) from the CCGA dataset. As shown, NID1 expression levels are significantly higher in WHO grades III and IV compared to WHO grade II. (C) NID1 expression levels in LGG and GBM patients belonging to IDH mutant and wild-type genotypes from the CCGA datasets. As shown, IDH mutant GBM patients show lower NID1 levels compared to the IDH wild-type GBM patients. NID1 levels in IDH mutant and wild-type LGG patients are comparable and not statistically significant. (D) NID1 expression is upregulated in all 9 glioma tissue samples compared to their corresponding normal brain tissue samples. Red circles represent glioma tissues and blue circles represent normal brain tissues. Higher ΔCt value represents lower NID1 expression. (E) Representative IHC-stained brain section images from the HPA database show NID1 expression in normal healthy individual (patient i.d. 2521) and glioma patient (patient id: 3092). Blue staining represents anti-NID1 antibody staining. Note: * P<0.05;** P<0.01;*** P<0.001;**** P<0.0001.