COVID-19 Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 7758—7766

Convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19: clinical experience and efficacy


Figure 2. (A) Outcomes for individual patients included in 19 cases. Donor and receiver detail information see Supplementary Table 1; P, Nucleic acid test positive; N, Nucleic acid test negative; D, Donor patient (200ml); D, Donor patient (400ml). (B) The relationship between titer of neutralizing antibody from the donors and the therapy response of the COVID-19 patients. The plasma from the donors with a higher neutralizing antibody titer had a better treatment response (p=0.0017). The clinical symptoms were significantly improved and viral nucleic acid tests turned negative within five days after CP treatment was defined as “Response”, otherwise it was “Non-response”. (C) The survival curves of the exposure group and control group. All the 19 patients treated with CP transfusion in our study survived, and showed a significantly lower case-fatality rate compared to the control group (0% vs. 19%, P=0.031).