Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 11218—11233

Exosomal circRNAs contribute to intestinal development via the VEGF signalling pathway in human term and preterm colostrum


Figure 2. Differentially expressed circRNAs in HC exosomes. (A) A total of 6756 circRNAs were detected, 3911 were upregulated and 2845 were downregulated. Histogram showing the differentially expressed circRNAs in the human chromosome. (B) The X-axis and Y-axis values are normalized signal values (log2 scaling). The green line represents a broken line. Above and below the upper and lower green lines, the circRNAs exhibited more than 2.0-fold changes between the preterm milk (PM) and term milk (TM) groups. (C) The red dots in the volcano map represent statistically significant differentially expressed circRNAs. (D) Heat map of circRNA results from the PC and TC groups. Red bars indicate higher expression, and green bars indicate lower expression.