Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10517—10534

Bone marrow stem cells secretome accelerates simulated birth trauma-induced stress urinary incontinence recovery in rats


Figure 3. RNA-seq revealed the whole genome expression changes in fibroblasts after treatment with BMSC-CM. (A) Volcano plot showing DEGs of BMSC-CM group relative to the control group. The red plot indicates high expression, and the green plot indicates low expression. (B) The upper and lower panels showing heat maps of DEGs in fibroblasts. (C) The GO function analysis indicated DEGs to be enriched in biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions. The node size represented the number of genes enriched in the category. (D) Schematic diagram of possible signal transduction pathways according to RNA-seq results. DEGs, differentially expressed genes; BMSC-CM, bone marrow stem cell-conditioned medium; con, control medium treatment group; CM, BMSC-CM treatment group.