Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 11281—11295

Secreted frizzled-related protein 3 was genetically and functionally associated with developmental dysplasia of the hip


Figure 6. Downregulated miRNA-454 expression causes FRZB upregulation in the synovial fluid of DDH patients. (A) Five candidate miRNAs emerged after we queried the TargetScan, miRmap and miRanda and PITA databases. (B) Expression of the five microRNA candidates with qRT-PCR in synovial fluid from DDH patients compared with control samples. (C) Binding sites on FRZB for miR-454 (left panel) was predicted with targetscan and sequence alignment of miR-454 (right panel) showed high conservation among different species. (D) miR-454 expression by qRT-PCR in ATDC5 cells (n=6 for each) co-transfected with miR-454 mimics, miR-454 inhibitor or their negative control. (E) PCR results of FRZB expression with MiR-454 mimics and inhibitor in ATDC5.