Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 7900—7913

Deep longitudinal phenotyping of wearable sensor data reveals independent markers of longevity, stress, and resilience


Figure 3. Biological age acceleration (BAA) correctly ranks life expectancy. (A) Assuming the negative logarithm of average daily steps is a proxy for bioage, the observed positive correlation (Pearson’s r = 0.81 for males) with life expectancy is an incorrect prediction. (B) The negative correlation (Pearson’s r=–0.27 fro males) of GeroSense BAA with life expectancy is correct. Similar results were observed for females with Pearson’s r=0.19 and r=–0.55, respectively (data not shown). The calculations were performed in NHANES 2005−2006 cohort aged 30−60 y.o.