This article has been retracted. Aging (Albany NY). 2023 Mar 14; 15:1702-1702 .  PMID: 36917808
Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10688—10702

Downregulation of OIP5-AS1 affects proNGF-induced pancreatic cancer metastasis by inhibiting p75NTR levels


Figure 2. OIP5-AS1 is involved in the regulation of NGFR by miR-186-5p. (A) Expression characteristics of miR-186-5p in pancreatic cancer. (B) Relationship between OIP5-AS1 and miR-186-5p. (C) Relationship between miR-186-5p and the survival rate. (D) Venn diagram of the upregulated genes in GSE28735 and target gene of miR-186-5p. (E, F) GO analysis of 97 common genes.