Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 7998—8025

Evolution of mammalian longevity: age-related increase in autophagy in bats compared to other mammals


Figure 2. Effect of baf A1 autophagy block on basal and serum withdrawal-induced autophagic flux in M. myotis fibroblasts. (A) Basal and starvation-induced LC3II/I ratio in absence and presence of 100nM baf A1, data represent means ±SEM for n=14 individuals age 0 to 8. p-values (two-tailed t-test) indicate statistically significant effect of baf A1 treatment. (B) Relationship between individual’s age and baf A1 induced fold change of basal (serum present) LC3II/I ratio (p-value included in the top right-hand corner of the plot indicates that linear model is not significant).