Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 13615—13625

The effect of IL-6/Piezo2 on the trigeminal neuropathic pain


Figure 2. Double immunofluorescence staining of Piezo2. Double immunofluorescence staining results are displayed. The red refers to Piezo2, the green refers to IB4 (a marker for C-type neurons), CGRP (a marker for small nociceptive peptidergic neurons), NF-200 (a marker for A-type neurons) or GFAP (a marker for satellite glial cells), and the yellow refers to the colocalization (AH). With calculation, the percentage of Piezo2 in IB4 neuron outnumbers those in the other neurons significantly (19.8±2.4% vs. 5.5±1.5%, p<0.05) (I).