Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 13644—13662

microRNA-1246-containing extracellular vesicles from acute myeloid leukemia cells promote the survival of leukemia stem cells via the LRIG1-meditated STAT3 pathway


Figure 3. MiR-1246-containing EVs from AML cells elevated LSCs survival via the regulation of LSCs. LSCs were co-cultured with PBS, EVs-mimic-NC, EVs-miR-1246 mimic, EVs-inhibitor-NC or EVs-miR-1246 inhibitor. (A) Expression of miR-1246 in LSCs detected by RT-qPCR. (B) Viability of LSCs assessed by MTS assay. (C) Colony formation ability of LSCs tested by colony formation assay. (D) Apoptosis of LSCs evaluated by flow cytometry. (E) differentiation of LSCs identified by differentiation assay. * p < 0.05 vs. LSCs co-cultured with EVs-mimic-NC or EVs-inhibitor-NC. Data in the figures are all measurement data, expressed as mean ± standard deviation. Data among multiple groups were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. The experiments were repeated in triplicate.