Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 11919—11941

Bioinformatic analyses and experimental validation of the role of m6A RNA methylation regulators in progression and prognosis of adrenocortical carcinoma


Figure 5. The effect of m6A-related risk signature on ACC prognosis in TCGA cohort. (A) The results of cox univariate prognostic analysis. (B) The results of multivariate prognostic analysis. (C) The calibration curves. (DI) The prognostic differences of ACC patients with the same clinical subgroups. (J) The DCA curve of m6A risk signature. ‘Simple’ curve (red) represents the prognostic model composed of age and clinical stage. ‘Complex’ curve (green) represents the prognostic model composed of age, clinical stage and m6A risk score. (K) The nomogram is used to predict the OSR of ACC patient at 1, 2, 3 year. DCA, decision curve analysis.