Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 11969—11987

CircRNA hsa_circ_0110102 inhibited macrophage activation and hepatocellular carcinoma progression via miR-580-5p/PPARα/CCL2 pathway


Figure 1. hsa_circ_0110102 was downregulated in HCC tumor tissues and cell lines. (A) The genomic loci of hsa_circ_0110102 and the schematic model of the primers of hsa_circ_0110102. The primers targeted the backsplice junction of hsa_circ_0110102. (B) The relative expression of hsa_circ_0110102 was validated in five pairs of normal and HCC tissues from the GSE135806 dataset. (C) The expression of hsa_circ_0110102 mRNA was analyzed in 17 tumor tissues and 17 nontumor tissues by RT-qPCR. (D) The expression levels of hsa_circ_0110102 in five HCC cell lines and LO2 cell were examined by RT-PCR. Data are presented as mean ± standard error. *, P < 0.05.