Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 11969—11987

CircRNA hsa_circ_0110102 inhibited macrophage activation and hepatocellular carcinoma progression via miR-580-5p/PPARα/CCL2 pathway


Figure 2. hsa_circ_0110102 inhibited the proliferation and migration ability of HCC in vitro. (A) The relative quantity of hsa_circ_0110102, U6, and 18S in the cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions of HCC cells was determined by RT-qPCR. (B) Subcellular localization of hsa_circ_0110102 was determined by the FISH assay. (C) CCK-8 assays were performed to assess the proliferation of Huh-7 and HepG2 cells after transfection. (D and E) The ability of cell migration and invasion was measured by Transwell assay in HCC tumor cell lines HepG2 and Huh-7 with si-circ_0110102 and circ_0110102 transfection. The representative magnified sections of Transwell cell staining images are shown. Statistical results based on three independent experiments are shown in the right (200×). Data are presented as mean ± standard error. *, P < 0.05.