Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 13822—13845

Development and validation of epithelial mesenchymal transition-related prognostic model for hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 8. Protein protein interaction network and functional enrichment of ten gene signature. (A) PPI network of the proteins that have been confirmed to interact directly or indirectly with the 10 risk genes from STRING database with confidence > 0.4 as cutoff. (BD) Gene-concept network represents the results for biological process, molecular function and cellular component of Gene ontology analysis based on 80 protein-protein interaction network genes respectively. Each plot shows the enrichment entry with the largest number of genes, and the differences level of each in HCC against normal tissue is represented by the color from green to red. PPI, Protein protein interaction. (E) KEGG pathway analysis results for the 80 protein-protein interaction network genes.