Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 9 pp 13006—13022

A preclinical study: correlation between PD-L1 PET imaging and the prediction of therapy efficacy of MC38 tumor with 68Ga-labeled PD-L1 targeted nanobody


Figure 1. Effect of different treatments on tumor growth in tumor-bearing mice. (A) Treatment schedules. (BH) Tumor growth delay cure (n=5) (B) The growth cure of different tumors with normal saline. (MC38-KO, black; MC38 Mixed, red; MC38 hPD-L1, yellow). (CE) Different treatment methods for different tumors. (FH) The growth of different tumors treated with 5Fu and Oxaliplatin (OX), anti-PD-1, or combined treatment. (I) Mice survival analysis. ***P <0.001, **P <0.01, *P <0.05.