Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 9 pp 13287—13299

Exosomal circRNA 0001445 promotes glioma progression through miRNA-127-5p/SNX5 pathway


Figure 4. CircRNA 0001445 directly targets miRNA-127-5p. (A) Subcellular distribution of circRNA 0001445 in glioma cells, as detected by FISH assay. Red and blue fluorescence staining represent circRNA 0001445 and nuclei, respectively. Scale bar = 25 μm. (B) The putative binding sequence of miRNA-127-5p of 3′-UTR of circRNA 0001445, as predicted by online bioinformatics database StarBase and TargetScan. (C) Luciferase reporter assay in HEK293T cells co-transfected with miRNA-127-5p mimics or mimics negative control and reporter constructs carrying wild-type or mutant miRNA-127-5p binding sequence of 3′-UTR of circRNA 0001445. (D) The expression of miRNA-127-5p in glioma cells treated with exosomes isolated from A172 or U373 cells. Data were represented as mean ± SD. *** p < 0.001.