Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 14968—14988

Construction of a novel mRNA-miRNA-lncRNA network and identification of potential regulatory axis associated with prognosis in colorectal cancer liver metastases


Figure 4. Expression analysis, survival analysis and correlation analysis of hsa-miR-335-5p. (A) Expression analysis of hsa-miR-335-5p among normal tissues, primary tumor tissues and liver metastatic tumor tissues in CRLM using GSE35834 datasets. (B) Survival analysis of hsa-miR-335 by using Kaplan-Meier plotter database. (C) Correlation analysis of hsa-miR-335 and APOC1 in TCGA project by using ggplot2 and ggpubr packages of R. ns (Not significant), *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.