Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 15100—15113

Hsa_circ_0032131 knockdown inhibits osteoarthritis progression via the miR-502-5p/PRDX3 axis


Figure 6. Overexpression of PRDX3 reversed the effect of hsa_circ_0032131 shRNA1 on the growth of IL-1β-treated CHON-001 cells. (A, B) CHON-001 cells were treated with IL-1β, IL-1β + hsa_circ_0032131 shRNA1, or IL-1β + hsa_circ_0032131 shRNA1 + PRDX3 overexpression vector. Next, cell apoptosis was studied by flow cytometry. (C, D) Cell cycle distribution was studied by flow cytometry. **p < 0.01 compared with the control. ##p < 0.01 compared with IL-1β. ^p < 0.05, ^^p < 0.01 compared with IL-1β + hsa_circ_0032131 shRNA1.