Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 15353—15365

Alisol A 24-acetate protects against brain microvascular endothelial cells injury through inhibiting miR-92a-3p/tight junctions axis


Figure 4. Expression of TJ proteins and the permeability in OGD-induced bEnd.3 cells. (AC) Western blot analysis was performed to determine the expressions of ZO-1, claudin-5, and occludin. The amount of TJ proteins was quantified and normalized to that of β-actin. Results are described as means ± SD (n = 3). (D) Quantification of fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-Dextran was conducted to assess cellular permeability. Results are described as the mean ± SD (n = 6) (OGD-L: 1.9 umol/L Alisol A 24-acetate; OGD-M: 19 umol/L Alisol A 24-acetate; OGD-H: 38 umol/L Alisol A 24-acetate) (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 vs control group; #P < 0.05, ##P < 0.01 vs OGD group).