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Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 15538—15547

miR-34a inhibits melanoma growth by targeting ZEB1


Figure 1. miR-34a targets ZEB1 in melanoma. (A) Microarray analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in melanoma tissues and adjacent tissues. (B) Real-time PCR analysis of miR-34a in melanoma and adjacent tissues (mean ± SEM; ** P< 0.05). (C) Targetscan and MIRDB analysis indicating that miR-34a binds to the 3'UTR region of ZEB1. (D) Real-time PCR analysis of ZEB1 in melanoma and adjacent tissues (mean ± SEM; ** P< 0.05). (E) Negative correlation between miR-34a and ZEB1 expression in melanoma. (F) Luciferase reporter assay demonstrating that miR-34a inhibits ZEB1 WT activity, but not ZEB1 MUT activity; ** P< 0.05 vs. control.