Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 15620—15637

Formulated Chinese medicine Shaoyao Gancao Tang reduces NLRP1 and NLRP3 in Alzheimer’s disease cell and mouse models for neuroprotection and cognitive improvement


Figure 5. Reduction of Aβ and Tau immunoreactivity of SG-Tang in STZ-treated 3×Tg-AD mice. Mice in – STZ, STZ and STZ/SG-Tang groups received vehicle, STZ and STZ+SG-Tang, respectively during the course of the experiment. (A) Representative IHC images for NeuN and intensity quantification in the hippocampus of mice. DG, dentate gyrus; CA1 and CA3, Cornu Ammonis areas 1 and 3. (B, C) Representative IHC images for Aβ and Tau and intensity and area quantification in the hippocampus and cortex of mice. P values: comparisons between STZ vs. – STZ mice (#: P < 0.05, ##: P < 0.01, ###: P < 0.001), or STZ/SG-Tang vs. STZ mice (*: P < 0.05, ***: P < 0.001). (One-way ANOVA with a post hoc Tukey test).