Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 14862—14891

Maturation and degeneration of the human brainstem across the adult lifespan


Figure 5. Visualization of the brainstem WM and GM ROIs studied. (1) Subthalamic nucleus, (2) Cerebral peduncle, (3) Substantia nigra, (4) Red nucleus, (5) Middle cerebellar peduncle, (6) Corticospinal tract, (7) Pontine tract, (8) Lemniscus tract, (9) Superior cerebellar peduncle, (10) Inferior cerebellar peduncle, (11) Midbrain, (12) Pons, and (13) Medulla. The brainstem structural images were obtained from the standard MNI atlas. Representative slices were chosen for visualization.