Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23036—23071

Low expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress-related gene SERP1 is associated with poor prognosis and immune infiltration in skin cutaneous melanoma


Figure 6. Correlations between SERP1 and prognosis in SKCM patients. (A) OS Kaplan-Meier curve for SERP1 in SKCM patients, (B) DSS Kaplan-Meier curve, (C) PFI survival Kaplan-Meier curve, (DO) OS Kaplan-Meier curve of statistically significant subgroups for (D) Female, (E) male, (F) Age≤60, (G) Race white, (H) T stage (T2-T4), (I) N stage (N1-N3), (J) M stage (M0), (K) Pathologic Stage (Stage II-IV), (L) Radiation therapy No, (M) Tumor tissue site Trunk, (N) Melanoma ulceration Yes, (O) Melanoma Clark Level (Stage II-V).