Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23108—23118

METTL3 regulates hippocampal gene transcription via N6-methyladenosine methylation in sevoflurane-induced postoperative cognitive dysfunction mouse


Figure 4. METTL3 activity affected by the MAPK/ERK pathway. Phosphorylated METTL3 pulled down by phosphoserine. (A) METTL3 expression in POCD (B) and the activity of the MAPK/ERK pathway in the hippocampal neurons of mice with sevoflurane-induced POCD and TPA treatment (C) shown by regular WB. The m6A RNA methylation at the 5′UTR of BDNF, SOX2, and SYN1 in POCD mice and additional TPA treatment. (D) POCD occurrence comparison between sevoflurane alone and TPA pretreatment by Chi-square analysis. (E) Data are presented as the mean ± standard error of the mean of three individual experiments; p < 0.05 vs. control group.