Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 20 pp 23588—23602

ALDH2 promotes uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma proliferation and construction of clinical survival prognostic model


Figure 5. The risk score model of UCEC construction. (A) DEGs were identified by the LASSO logistic regression model with non-zero coefficients. (B) The graph of the relationship between likelihood deviation and log (Lambda). The vertical dashed lines indicate the λ value and the maximum λ value with the smallest error. (C) Forest plot of the hazard ratio for OS of parameters. (D) Predicted risk of overall survival by the risk score model. (E) Scatter plot of UCEC death predicted by risk score model. (F) The survival curve of the high expression group and the low expression progenitor in the risk score model. (G) ROC curve of risk score model. (H) Predicts the OS of patients with the Nomogram. (I) Calibration curve of the nomogram in the training dataset.