Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23149—23168

Comprehensive analysis of aberrant alternative splicing related to carcinogenesis and prognosis of papillary thyroid cancer


Figure 2. Identification of CASEs in PTC. (A) Volcano plot of CASEs identified in PTC (log2FC > 0.1, adjusted P < 0.05). (B) Heatmap of the CASEs between matched tumor and adjacent normal tissues of 50 PTC patients. (C) Interactive sets among seven AS types of CASEs (n = 1,925) shown in an UpSet plot. (D) The representative CASEs, derived from the same parent gene and exhibited the opposite preference between tumor and adjacent normal tissues, were shown. Student’s t-test was used. (E) Venn diagram of CASEs and DEGs. (F) Interactive sets of AP/AT events and DEGs shown in UpSet plot. ES, exon skipping; AP, alternate promoter; AT, alternate terminator; AD, alternate donor; AA, alternate acceptor site; ME, mutually exclusive exons; RI, retained intron.